Douglass Ridgeway | SKA Field Guide to Hair Species

Douglass Ridgeway



Serial Killer's Field Guide to Hair Species

Book Design

Ready to have a bit of fun? Here's a farcical index that I developed just for shits and giggles.

The fine folks at SKA (Serial Killers Anonymous) requested a field guide to the various species of hair that SKs might find in their travels as they conduct most of their secret surveillances. Dexter M. was gently insistent that it contains a thorough overview not only of the breadth of various species but also of the range found throughout the US. I found it hard to resist.

European species are to be presented in a separate field guide.

My hit list of hair species includes an appendix of articles to improve the SK experience:

  • How to hide your trophies in plain sight
  • What's in your SK toolbag?
  • Top 5 manipulations every SK should know
  • How to become an expert handbag designer
  • 7 technical skills every SK should know
  • What should be in your escape bag
  • Questionnaire: Am I a good SK or a bad SK?
  • Identify your APD
  • Antisocial disorders are serious. To get an online self-assessment please visit Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner!