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Black History Month series

Calendar Design

I was proud to work with Lincoln's Public Affairs department in creating a series of Black History Month projects for the hospital's employees. Over 7 years we created three calendars, two 32 page historical booklets, and two community events celebrating living African Americans who were influential to the Bronx.

The enterprise which kicked off the annual series started as a list of nearly 500 historical facts about Black history in America. As the Art Director, I was charged with developing some sort of print collateral to be given out in February of 2011.

While thinking about creating something like a dictionary of Black history, I realized that most of the facts had a date associated with them. This led me to consider creating a calendar. I saw that the entries were short enough that each could fit neatly into a date box on a calendar. So, I sourced public domain photographs and developed a 14 month calendar which went to February 2012. Each photograph related to one of the data points somewhere within the month.

My challenge was to create a calendar in which each day contained a short paragraph, a number date, and occasionally a holiday while keeping all of the information legible and within a cohesive design. To accomplish this, I floated the dark text of the paragraph over large semi-transparent grey dates, which allowed both to be legible while within the same space. Holidays were delineated in a dark red font.

Because I noticed that many of Lincoln's employees displayed outdated calendar pages in their cubicles that portrayed images they wanted to keep, I designed the cover to be a fold-out poster.

To view the whole calendar, download the Low Resolution (12mb) PDF.