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Logo Design

Research and understanding must come before sketching and ideation. The creation of an everlasting and electric logo is about much more than making an interesting symbol to put next to a company name. A logo is the central unifying entity that holds the essence and values of a company and how they choose to present themselves to the world.

List of logos:

  • Gotham Cornerstone
  • Gotham Deco
  • Gotham GH Paths
  • Gotham Sunset
  • Gotham Sunrise
  • Gotham Honeymooners
  • Gotham Domino
  • Gotham GenPlus
  • Gotham Stainglass
  • Lincoln Pediatrics Department
  • Super RN, teeshirt
  • LIWC Clinic
  • Mesa Grill Restaurant
  • Music Matters Magazine
  • O2, Obama's second term
  • Pathmark Supermarket, rebranding
  • Pix Puz, game board for Tic Tacs
  • aesc
  • Verizon Logo Exploration